Curriculum Vitæ


Cameron is currently a Psychology major at The University of Texas at Austin, focusing on Developmental Psychology; but is considering changing majors to one with actual career opportunities in the near future (or just take a leap off the deep end straight into Linguistics). His goals as a psychologist are/were to affect positive change in the curriculum and organization of public schools, and to take steps toward promoting a multilingual Texas; but he has become jaded at the realization that public education (and social support for it) in Texas is shamefully lacking. The Recent TEA Decision has done little to ameliorate these misgivings.


Cameron races bicycles as a USAC Category 4 racer and has recently begun mountain biking. He works as a Bike Builder/Service Technician and intends to become a professional mechanic to help finance "finishing" his education, and he intends to study frame building in the future. He is passionate about bicycle advocacy and believes everyone should have the chance to feel happy, confident, empowered, and free on a bicycle.

Cameron is a USAC Licensed Race Mechanic and a USAC Official. Do not hesitate to get in touch should you require his professional assistance in any of these regards.

Here are some organizations he is involved with: