20 July 2009

J'ai Retourné !

Cet été a été assez dur ! Le monde n'aime pas les jeunes, pauvres, et fougueux !

I've not written something here in almost two months! It's been a really trying season here in the Texas heat. I've been trying ridiculously hard to get a job all year, and I've stepped it up even more in the last two months. I was racing and training harder in June, putting in about 150~200 mile weeks, but eventually money just got too tight, and I couldn't juggle the stress anymore. I haven't even been on a bike lately (I ruined the third wheel on my commuter this year last week), and I'm really missing it.

I need to move at the end of the month, so I'm taking some time to re-evaluate priorities and such, and re-organize in preparation for all of the coming changes. This is an intentionally short post, I'll take the time to write more about the Summer in short order.

I hope everyone is well, especially if it's been tough for you out there too.

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