08 March 2009

Sois Courageux !

Well, the A&M Collegiate Criterium is tomorrow (well, Today).

The team finally got the situation with the NCCA registration straightened out, so we were able to register licenses on Friday. In lieu of finding an extracollegiate team, I've signed my club as Austinbikes/Revenant, their shop club. That's a great group of people on that roster, and I only hope I can do their spirit justice in the community and on the road. For the future, I'm checking out AT&T (also sponsored by Austinbikes), and I need to ask my teammate Brenna about her team, San Jose. I always run into the AT&T people on rides, and they seem like a really down to earth bunch.

This week went a bit smoother for training. I didn't have class on Thursday, so I really pushed it, and got in an aggregate 3-4 hours of riding, including a morning hill climb in Far West. Try that instead of coffee one morning, it's a real eye-opener. After that, I went to Physical Therapy and got some good advice from my PT, Steve, who's also a competitive cyclist. We went over my posture (I have some pretty pronounced scoliosis / skeletal posture problems), and I got a thorough explanation on how my posture needed to change so that I could ride better, and how I could work towards that. I got to try that out this evening on my pre-race spin through Shoal Creek, and I can really feel the difference.

Also, the UT Kit came in (Made by Hincapie); and it's really a clean looking, classy and functional. You just feel more competitive when you put it on, it's really nice. The way the bib shorts are cut is really supportive of your body's musculature.

Anyway, I just finished my compulsive cleaning of my bike and the changing of my tires, meaning it is now bedtime. Wish me luck!

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